Toshiba LCD HDTV Parts
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46XV645U, 46XV648U, 47ZV650U, 52XV645U,
52XV648U, 55SV670U, 55ZV655U
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(PEA, V28A56A1) Main Board
(PEA, V28A62A1) Power Supply Unit
L-A (C-A) T-Con Board
LG L-A (PPW-CC47NS-M) Master Backlight Inverter
LG L-A (PPW-CC47NS-S) Slave Backlight Inverter
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Note: We need the Old Parts, without old parts, the sales price of our parts will be more than advertised.
1. Your board has never been repaired or never been replaced any parts or missing parts
Burnt, cracked, liquid spill or damage from an attempted repair is not an acceptable condition for repairing
If your board has been repaired or replaced parts, it may increase the extra bill up to $35.
Products may not be exactly as pictured, Price and Availability subject to change without notice.